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Finland Coalition Agreement

Finland’s New Coalition Agreement: What You Need to Know

After months of negotiations, Finland’s coalition parties have finally reached an agreement for a new government. The new coalition agreement sets out a roadmap for the next four years, outlining the major policy goals, initiatives and reforms that the government will undertake. Here are some of the key points that you should know about the new coalition agreement.

Composition of the Government

The new coalition government is composed of five parties – the Social Democratic Party (SDP), the Centre Party, the Green Party, the Left Alliance and the Swedish People`s Party – with the SDP serving as the largest party and the Prime Minister’s party. The coalition parties have allocated portfolios to each other based on the principles of division of labor and collective responsibility.

Climate Change and Environmental Protection

One of the key priorities of the new government is to tackle climate change and promote environmental protection. The agreement outlines a number of measures that the government will undertake to achieve this goal, including:

– the introduction of a carbon neutrality law that aims to make Finland carbon neutral by 2035

– the implementation of a carbon tax on sectors that are not yet covered by the EU emissions trading scheme

– the promotion of renewable energy sources and the reduction of the use of fossil fuels

– the conservation and restoration of biodiversity

Social Welfare and Health Care

The coalition agreement also focuses on improving social welfare and health care services in Finland. The government plans to achieve this by:

– increasing funding for education, social welfare and health care

– reforming the current social welfare system to make it more efficient and equitable

– reducing waiting times for health care services

– strengthening the rights of children and families

Foreign Policy

In terms of foreign policy, the government will continue to prioritize Finland`s relations with its neighboring countries, including Russia and the Nordic countries. The government will also work to strengthen Finland`s role in the European Union and promote international cooperation on issues such as climate change and human rights.

Taxation and Employment

The coalition agreement proposes several measures to improve the country’s taxation system and employment rate. These include:

– reducing the tax burden for low- and middle-income earners

– increasing the tax on wealth and inheritance

– strengthening the rights of labor market participants

– promoting equal pay for equal work and reducing the wage gap


The new coalition agreement has outlined an ambitious agenda for the government for the next four years, with a focus on tackling climate change, improving social welfare and health care services, strengthening Finland`s role in the European Union, and promoting equal rights and opportunities for all. While some of the proposals may face opposition and challenges in implementation, the agreement represents a commitment by the coalition parties to work together to address the major issues facing Finland today.

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